Thursday, October 13, 2011

The (not so) Silent Brotherhood

Hail the Order?  Part 1
(bandits, informants and blood and honour)

by Direct Action - NR

The reactionaries should be careful about the questions they ask in public of our National Revolutionary movement.

We may, like now,  end up answering them in public. Leaving reaction with some interesting questions we doubt they can even begin to answer congruently (sorry for the big words boneheads).

Which brings us to the mail order bride of Gary Yarbrough.

For months, when not attempting to promote the bandits who had tried to steal American Front’s name or panhandle for change for her lost cause legal defense fund this pig  has been shreaking about this clear statement made by  one of our Vanguard...

"Our Movement is not  influenced  at all by the Order or David Lane."

She has described this statement as “treason."

How could our Movement say a thing like this about the reactionaries greatest heroes?

Pretty easily.

The fact is that the majority of the Order did in fact cooperate with the pigs after their arrests. Most who were offered deals took them, and they and others took the stand at the Ft Smith Sedition trial after their arrests.

Take  Richard Kemp as a  example. 

The mail order bride, the bandit fake AF and their zio-nazi allies in Volksfront launched a fundraising campaign to “bury with honor” this Order “P.O.W.”  

This scam was conducted under the banner of “Blood and Honour America"' Bandits David Lynch and Jen Manear, along with Volksfront’s Mike Lawrence and the mail order bride were the shysters running this hustle to be exact. 

All the time knowing Kemp had sang to the pigs without any shame from the second he had hand cuffs on his wrists.

Here’s the nutzi-televangelist  style mass mailings the shysters sent out to the easily duped “WN” movement….  be warned it's enough to make a Revolutionary vomit.

Bruce Pierce Memorial Fund

"RIP Bruce Pierce! You were a great White man, a True Christian, & loyal til Death! 2 Cor. 5:7-9. The Blood and Honour American Division is organizing a voluntary effort by White Nationalists and patriots of our folk around the world to help The Order martyr Bruce Pierce’s family with the expenses surrounding his funeral. Certainly it's not the size or the amount that matters, as much as each of us giving a small gesture of respect and honor to express to the family he left behind our appreciation for their father, and our hero, Bruce Pierce, who died in ZOG's custody on Monday, August 16th, 2010. We realize that many of us are struggling paycheck to paycheck under Obama's economy, but there are many different levels so that everyone can get involved. There is the Gold level in case you've had a fortunate year for $100, the Silver drops down to $50, and the Bronze is just $35. Of course we understand that sometimes the heart is bigger than the pocketbook, and it isn't going to be a few people giving a large amount, but a whole lot of us giving a little that will allow the Pierce family to bring their daddy away from the dungeon where he died and give him the viking funeral they desire. That's why some people might choose to give the "Patriot" level for $25 dollars, the number of years Bruce Pierce was locked up in a ZOG dungeon for our race, while others might prefer to give the "Silent Brotherhood" level for $13, for the number of holes Alan Berg grew in 1984. Truly, anything would be a blessing. With the sacrifices of The Order on behalf of our folk in mind, have you had the kind of year where that Gold or Silver level might be available for Bruce Pierce's family, or would something like that Patriot level just be better for you, this time? Either way, you can make your donation using paypal to xxxxx”

This “fund-raising” was occurring while some of us were involved in a entryist drive within the bandit AF's sad structure and the rest of our Cadres re-organizing outside of it . 

With our priority  being reestablishing American Front while disrupting the bandits,  all our Vanguard could do was shake our heads in disgust at these hogs and take notes.

What was so vile  about these thieves raising money from the dumb to bury their  “hero”?

Take a look. 

Order Tries To Turn Court Loss To Prison Victory
Chicago Tribune
January 5, 1986

“…In turn, Gene Wilson, the assistant U.S. Attorney who had led the prosecution, emphasized that despite the courtroom victory, FBI agents continue their investigation into whether the nation`s neo-Nazi underground received a major cash infusion from The Order`s crime spree.
FBI investigative documents reviewed by The Tribune indicate agents are following leads from interviews with Bruce Carroll Pierce, one of the defendants. Pierce said that some of the more than $4 million taken in The Order`s robberies went to Butler and Metzger, as well as other far-right leaders around the country.
Pierce also told the agents during 15 hours of grilling after his arrest in April, 1985, that some of the loot had gone to finance a ``new Order`` made up of two-man ``cells`` with plans for more mayhem.”

There’s plenty more news reports where this came from too.

For the record  we at Widerstand hold the following to be true:

85% of the reactionaries are sheep who don't know, and won't know, any better.

10% are genuinely whole hearted enemies of our People (globalist agents, informants, thieves and worse) - like the scum described in this expose.

 and 5% are  the sincere but misled who may  wake up and  after hard work be fit to  join the Revolutionary struggle.

Strike one to educate one hundred!

Direct Action - NR

A final quote for the mail order bride and the bandit web sloth.  Enjoy Pigs.

“I am not a Christ or a philanthropist, old lady, I am the opposite of a Christ.... I fight for the things I believe in, with all the weapons at my disposal.  I try to leave the enemy destroyed so that I don't get nailed to any crosses.” -  Che Guevara

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