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FOCUS on 14 year olds: Order guru David Eden Lane

Hail the Order? Part 2

"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children"
14 Words, V1 David Lane

A brief recap of what brought us to this expose:

The inability of the reactionary right to shut the f*ck up and cease spreading lies about our National Revolutionary movement.


The mail order bride of Order member Gary Yarbrough is the one you can thank, boneheads, (amongst others) for this look at your icon David Eden Lane.  Keep that in mind next time she pan handles from you.

Susan Y:  "How could  American Front's  ** say he isn't  influenced by Gary Yarbrough, David Lane or the Order?  Traitor!" 

(this was after our comrade exposed Susan as having had a long career as a law enforcement agent and reminded all of American Front's official stance on such matters.  No working with pigs, "ex"-pigs or any other system collaborators.  Ever.)
Welcome to Part 2 of Hail the Order? - where we'll  look at the (thankfully) dead reactionary guru  David Eden Lane, author of their favorite piece of nutzie numerology the 14 Words. 

And a book or two of  nazi rape / pedophile "fiction" (or is it fiction?  Maybe the bandits who love Lane so much like Jen Manear or Aryanna Lynch - or in some cases their poor children - can provide some clarity there.)

This is so well documented  we'll give you much of our expose in creep Lane's own words.
Who were Prussian Blue?

Prussian Blue were a hollywood nazi pop pre-teen duo formed in early 2003 by April Gaede the mother of Lynx Vaughan Gaede and Lamb Lennon Gaede, twin girls born on June 30, 1992, in Bakersfield, California.

Prussian Blue  were pimped out, metaphorically and possibly physically, by their nutzie mom, the pig reactionary organiztion  the National Alliance (owner of Resistance Records) and it's spawn the National Vanguard

The leader of the National Alliance at the time, William Pierce (a former member of Rockwell's creepoid American Nazi Party),  authored the  Turner Diaries Lane and the Order's "inspiration." 

Pierce's second in command and best friend of over 20 years, Kevin Strom ,  later plead guilty pleaded guilty to possession of ten images of child pornography and was sentenced to 23 months in prison.   At the time Strom led the aforementioned National Alliance splinter group, the National Vanguard, which April Gaede was a member of (along with several of the bandit AF including informant David Lynch.)  The antifa have claimed some of  the child porn were photoshopped pics with Lynx and Lamb's faces put on porn star bodies...

Frau Gaede had Prussian Blue appear alongside Strom on stage and endorse him as a  credible revolutionary leader not long before his arrest.

Before, during and after all this Frau Gaede encouraged a "special friendship" between her daughters and creeper 14 David Lane.

Warned you this stuff gives nightmares.

FOCUS on 14 year olds:  David Eden Lane and Prussian Blue

“Because the beauty of the White Aryan women must not perish from the earth.”
14 Words, V2 David Lane

“Truth does not fear investigation.”
88 Precept, #12 David Lane

""It is an act. I was speaking of those White girls exposing their goodies to Skraelings (non-whites).  The conversation still left Eric unsure of Trebor's intentions. In the past, his comrade had been absolutely ruthless in exterminating White male race traitors, but he had been
forgiving of wayward White women unless their treason was exceptionally blatant.
Trebor often said that defense of the race was men's responsibility. Wayward women should be captured, taken to Kinsland, re-educated and impregnated. Indeed, such was now standard procedure for KD (kinsland defenders)" 
--KD Rebel, David  Lane

"Trebor pretended to ponder for interminable moments, then opined, "I reckon those two could make some fine babies for me."

"Alright!' Eric enthused. 'It's about time you did your reproductive duty.' Eric had no interest in the pair for himself, as his heart was set on a high school girl that Trebor had agreed to help him capture. KD informants had picked her as a likely candidate. She was a pretty girl, unfortunately bewitched by universalist poison. Her teachers, parents, the media and every influence in her life had taught her that it was okay, even preferable for White girls to date and mate with Skraelings. She would have to be saved from her own folly before it was too late." 
--  KD Rebel, David Lane.

Ok there's about 80 more pages of this nazi rape fantasy in KD Rebel, Lane's last book.  Look yourself  if you don't believe us.

April Gaede was a loving and caring enough nazi-mom (sound familiar Jen?) to put her twins in close contact with Lane since they were 10 years old.

Was this a business transaction, a act of insanity or something even worse?

We can only guess.

This loving reactionary extended family was immortalized in a film documentary "Nazi Pop Twins".

Here's what a anti-defamation site said about this...

"Nazi Pop Twins," made by James Quinn for Channel 4 in England, contains several profoundly creepy scenes. Chief among them is a speakerphone conversation set up by April Gaede between her daughters and white supremacist terrorist David Lane who was in prison serving a 190-year sentence for his part in the 1984 machine-gun murder of a Jewish radio talk show host in Denver. (Lane died in prison this May, shortly after filming was completed.)"When the girls were little they were like daughters or something," says Lane, 69, who later in the conversation calls twins Lynx and Lamb — they were 14 at the time — his "fantasy sweethearts." "Now that they are grown women, and being a natural male, it's… well, you know what I'm trying to say."

What the f*ck reactionaries - this is the guy we're supposed to be "influenced by" or we are "traitors"?

A video clip.

Note the astonished Black guy asks "What's wrong with these people?"

Widerstand's answer: EVERYTHING is wrong with them.  Everything.

After Lane switched cells from prison to hell (if a afterlife exists that is) guess what the reactionaries did ?


From the nutzie stormfront forum…


David Lane Memorial
I have been contacted by the prison and will be working with the gals from WAU to take care of David's estate. We are right now getting the arraingements made to have David cremated which will be about $1400 and then we are discussing plans to divide the ashes up into 14 pyramids and have them distributed to 14 White Nationalist women for safekeeping. I have found a company that makes these and they will cost about $100 each since we are buying a large quanity. Total cost then that I need to come up with is $2800 ( not counting Julies travel expenses.) . I will be paying for this out of pocket until we get some of the funds made available. Also, Julie from WAU would like to travel here to be with me when the body arrives and we view it. Any help to fly her here would be greatly appreciated. Anyone who would like to help with these costs can send funds to

April Gaede
po box ****
Kalispell Montana 59903 ( please write on the memo that it is to be used for David Lane)

Any extra money left over after these costs have been paid will go to getting a book of his articles printed. There are several ladies who are working on this project and they were working closely with David on this before his death.

I talked to David about his final wishes and he said that he would like to see a pyramid monument with his ashes in a capstone. Since we are not in a situation now to build a monument in a safe White homeland I feel the next best thing is to divide his ashes amongst these 14 pyramids and then hopefuly sometime in the future we can put them together in the pyramid when we have secured a homeland.

The friends in David's life will be working together to make sure that we make decisions that would make David happy and which will be agreeable to all.

I have spoken to Tom Metzger who was in contact with David recently and he also will be collecting funds for this project if you wish to donate via Tom.

If you have any questions please PM me. Obviously this is a hard time and alot of decisions need to be make in a timely manner. I hope everyone will bear with me while I try to sort stuff out and make good decisions.

I personally promise that the way this is dealt with will make everyone proud to be part of the legacy of the 14 words.

April Gaede

 Reminds you of anything?  Like the Order snitch scam we described in the first part of Hail the Order?  maybe?
And who, once again, proved their program is worth about as much as their goofball membership?

Right again!

Volksfront, inc.
Once again from the SF forum:


Re: David Lane Memorial Fund

Volksfront has donated $1000 and we have a ****** account set up through WAU if anyone would like to donate that way. You can PM me, or e-mail me at vfstlouis28@yah**.com
to find out the account name. April may have one set up also. As i said, this account goes straight to the WAU gals and in turn goes into the David Lane fund.

Sleep Well David.


But doesn't VF believe, to quote from their zio-nutzie website:

"We believe the existing prison system is inherantly flawed, inhumane and unable to rehabilitate. We support expansion of capital punishment crimes to include all sex offenses, all crimes against the elderly and children..."

It's clear that to VF - like the rest of the reactionaries - being a open sex perv / wanna be child predator is ok. 

As long as some idiot bonehead bands wrote some songs about you and you scribbled a few goofy slogans. 

And VF can make some $$$ off your life and death.

The End for Now. But don't forget:

For the record  we at Widerstand hold the following to be true:

85% of the reactionaries are sheep who don't know, and won't know, any better.

10% are genuinely whole hearted enemies of our People (globalist agents, informants, thieves and worse) - like the scum described in this expose.

 and 5% are  the sincere but misled who may  wake up and  after hard work be fit to  join the Revolutionary struggle.

Strike one to educate one hundred!

Direct Action - NR

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